Pathways to sustainable land-use and food systems 2019

This first global report by the FABLE Consortium presents pathways towards sustainable land-use and food systems prepared by 18 country teams from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, European Union, Finland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Rwanda, Sweden, UK, and the United States.

FABLE 2019 Report

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This first report was written collectively by members of the FABLE Consortium to outline initial findings. These include a shared approach towards framing and analyzing integrated strategies for land-use and food systems, an initial set of global targets to be achieved by midcentury, as well as preliminary country pathways for achieving these targets.

The country pathways do not yet achieve all global targets, and we have identified the need for substantial improvements in data and analytical methods. In spite of its preliminary nature, the report represents the first coordinated effort by researchers from most G20 countries and other nations to chart long-term pathways towards sustainable land-use and food systems.