FABLE contributes to WWF 2020 Living Planet Report

Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in millions of years. In this report, FABLE zooms in to demonstrate why country-led modelling is needed to achieve long-term sustainability in food and land-use systems.

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WWF co-founded a research initiative – the Bending the Curve Initiative – that has developed pioneering modelling, providing a ‘proof of concept’ that we can halt, and reverse, terrestrial biodiversity loss from land-use change. And the models are all telling us the same thing: that we still have an opportunity to flatten, and reverse, the loss of nature if we take urgent and unprecedented conservation action and make transformational changes in the way we produce and consume food.

In WWF 2020 Living Planet Report, the FABLE Consortium contributes with the chapter Zooming in: Country-led modelling to achieve long-term sustainability in food and land-use systems.

In this chapter, FABLE argues that global modelling needs to be implemented at a local level. Country-led analyses indicate that reversing biodiversity decline is possible after 2020 with targeted national strategies, ranging from dietary changes to restrictions on land conversion.