FABLE Calculator 2020 updated documentation

FABLE publishes updated documentation for the FABLE Calculator, including the improvements made to the tool, such as scenarios for protected areas, land where natural processes predominate, and much more.

FABLE Calculator documentation

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The FABLE Calculator (“the Calculator”) is an Excel accounting tool used to study the potential evolution of food and land-use systems over the period 2000-2050. It focuses on agriculture as the main driver of land-use change and tests the impact of different policies and changes in the drivers of these systems through the combination of a large number of scenarios. It includes 88 raw and processed agricultural products from the crop and livestock sectors and relies extensively on the FAOSTAT (2020) database for input data.

Compared to the 2019 version, updates to the documentation include the improvements that have been made to the FABLE Calculator in 2020, and which are accessible in the Open FABLE Calculator 2020. These are related to:

  • Improvements to the scenarios for protected areas (cf. Section 3.9).
  • New indicator on the share of land where natural processes predominate (cf. Section 5.5.2).
  • New scenarios on alternative climate change impacts for selected crops (cf. Section 3.8).
  • New representation of crop demand for biofuels and alternative scenarios on biofuel demand (cf. Section 3.11).
  • New indicators on protein and fat intake (cf. Section 5.1).
  • Improvements to the representation of food waste (cf. Section 3.3).
  • New scenarios on alternative levels of post-harvest losses in the future (cf. Post-harvest loss).
  • Separated food group for nuts (Appendix 1: List of product groups and products).

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